If you're keeping track at home, the biggest complaint about Yellowstone National Park, is how crowded the park gets. There's no doubt that the crowds are impressive. This year alone, the visitor numbers reached well over 3 million.

Last year attendance was down because of the horrific flooding that caused the park to be fully closed for a short period, but not every entrance was available for the most part. Folks that weren't able to make it last year, sure made it this year.

Quite a few of those were first time visitors to the park and possibly Wyoming, Montana and/or Idaho.

If you think about your first visit, there's a good chance it changed your life.

Maybe you decided at that point you were going to make the trip every year, no matter how far you live from the park. Your career choice may've changed during that trip. Or you could've fallen in love with the area and made it your mission to move to the area and wake-up to this awe-inspiring beauty every day.

We always hear people complain about too many people coming to Wyoming, but without those visitors, it wouldn't be the same.

I was scrolling through social media and stumbled upon @TheJourneyEst2016.

The Journey, was established in 2016 and is a group of travel enthusiast, social media content creators and lovers of the outdoors, that have a mission:

Young adults, striving to live out their passion by using their talents, gifts, and resources to empower others to make a difference in the world.

One of the videos posted on the account was one that shares that story that so many of us have experienced. First time visitor to Yellowstone National Park.

I had the opportunity to take my best friend to his first National Park ever this summer and we got to take him to @yellowstonenps. I believe his exact words he used were “awe inspiring”. It’s a pretty spectacular national park to go for your first. So many people will complain about crowds or it being overrated but I think they miss the beauty of this magnificent place. The raw untouched nature. The animals. The massive rivers and waterfalls. The huge geysers and mountains touching the sky. There’s nothing overrated about our first national park. The crowds can be avoided if you do it right. I’ve been a lot of times and every time I go it recaptures my soul and fills me with wanderlust


Kudos to groups like The Journey, that are still passionate about promoting the possibilities that everyone could witness and experience.

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