Hundreds of Wyoming families have heard the terrible words "It's Cancer." When you're a parent hearing these words spoken about your child, life changes forever.

Rocky and Lisa Eades were inspired to form Jason's Friends after their son Jason (April 7, 1986 – November 11, 1995) was diagnose with a brain stem tumor.

The purpose of Jason's Friends Foundation is to give financial support to Wyoming families whose kids are battling childhood cancer and brain or spinal cord tumors. They hope to give families the opportunity to maintain their quality of life so they can focus on the health of their child.

Since the inception of Jason's Friends Foundation in 1996, over $5,000,000 has been expended to Wyoming families.

It is through the generosity of donors like YOU that they have been able to provide this level of assistance to Wyoming families.

At this time, Jason's friends has 135 Wyoming families enrolled in their program.

Photos courtesy of Lisa Eades
Photos courtesy of Lisa Eades

It's almost time for their annual Bowl with Jason's Friends at El Mark-O Lanes March 7th.

You can learn more about the event by listening to this interview with Jason's Friend's founder Lisa Eades in the video below.

For more information on Jason's Friends and the upcoming fundraising event please follow this link.

Photos courtesy of Lisa Eades
Photos courtesy of Lisa Eades

Even if you can't attend the event or donate to Jason's Friends there are lots of other ways you can help.

  • Follow Jason's Friends on social media and like and share posts
  • Spread the word about Jason's Friends to family and friends
  • Hang an informational poster in your place of work
  • Volunteer
  • Think of Jason's Friends when creating your will
  • Mention services offered by Jason's Friends to community members that may need their help
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