This just in. Bears don't care. It's true and I have four new video shares that prove this point.

You raise a bear. You teach them about right and wrong and you hope they'll make good decisions. Nope. Bears just kinda do what they want because bears really don't care.

Here's a good example of what one bear did to a family's bird feeder. Note the other bear who is just as guilty watching from the fence below.

This family noticed that a bear was having his way with their kid's soccer ball.

This community put up fences to keep bears contained. Do you think the bear respected the fence? Nope.

This family left a frappe in their van. Do you think a bear that was passing by respected their right to finish their delicious drink? Nope.

Like I said, bears don't care and science proves it. They just kinda do what they want and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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