Did you know grizzly bears will travel to high altitudes during summer to eat foods like army cutworm moths? If you were following the Instagram page JHadleyPhoto, you'd know that some people are way cooler than I am.

I'm telling you, there's cool; then there is Jessica Hadley, cool.

Living in Wyoming, there are many things to do, including exploring and going on huge Wyoming adventures. I love to get out and be adventurous, but I don't think I'll ever be able to match or even get anywhere close to the adventures that Jessica goes on. Her Instagram page JHadleyPhoto, says, Photographer, Conservation Storyteller, & Bear Specialist. That description doesn't give enough credit to what she does.

I think these descriptions need to be added immediately.

  • Bad Ass
  • Puts most other adventurers to shame
  • Bear Whisperer
  • Adrenaline Junky

    The "About" section of her website explains what her job is:

 As a storyteller, her work focuses on human-wildlife interactions, mainly in National Parks. She started working with bears as a wildlife technician for the Yosemite Bear Management program in 2014 and has spent the last ten years working with wildlife in California and the GYE. Working in National Parks inspired her to turn her lens towards the challenges park biologists face managing wildlife as park visitation increases. Her goal is to document how our actions, while visiting wild places, affect the lives of the animals we encounter . A majority of her work as a wildlife professional for the federal government has been focused on bears.

If you haven't seen any of Jessica's work, you're missing out on some incredible photos and videos of wildlife. As the "about" section says, most of her work has focused on bears. Check out her recent Instagram post, and you'll see that she goes to great lengths to focus on bears, literally.




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