If you lived in another state, you got used to some things you didn't refer to proudly. At times you think of things it’s nice to not have in Wyoming. Here are three that are just not part of lives.

1. Toll Roads … No one has ever had to stop to pay a toll in Wyoming. We also have never had a toll bridge or tunnel. Wikipedia, however, does list 20 other states from Alaska to Wisconsin which also never had a toll road.

2. Long Commute … In reference to distances from home to work, I don’t think I’ve ever heard the words, “Long drive” in Wyoming. Okay, if you’re out on a ranch that covers more square miles than Casper and Cheyenne put together, that’s different. Poor Californians might say we don’t even have suburbs. We just have outskirts.

3. State Tax … There are just six other states that don’t have income tax.. Some, like Wyoming opted to stick with a sales tax. When we buy a high dollar item, it can hurt, but it’s our decision on when we make that purchase, and it’s likely not once every April.

Bonus:  A Second State University … It’s nice that we’re all unified about one team - Go Pokes!