Most of us guys know we are difficult to shop for, especially at Christmas!

So ladies, let us help you out when it comes to last minute Christmas shopping for your Wyoming cowboy.

Sure you could get us, socks or underwear.  But remember, what comes around - goes around!  And women wonder why guys don't do anything nice for them on their birthday or anniversary - it's cause you got us SOCKS or UNDERWEAR as a gift!! Funny, but true.

Here are a couple of last second gift ideas that most any Wyoming guy would love to get as a Christmas gift.

Shawn Jackson,
Townsquare Media

Gift Cards!!  It might seem like you are letting us down by taking the gift card route.  But trust me, we'd much rather get a gift card to eat out at our favorite restaurant a couple of times than socks.  Gift cards are great for the tough to buy for guy - food, sporting goods, auto or motorcycle accessories, etc.  What's your guy into?  Where does he shop most?  Get him a gift card there and he'll love it!

Snow Joe,

A Snow Joe Illum-n-Broom 4 in 1 Snow Broom and Ice Scraper - This light weight snow broom is amazing at clearing the windshields!  Especially when the snow is stacking up.  I laughed when I got mine, wondering how this light weight thing could compete against my truck sized scraper with a brush and squeegee (pictured above).  One time was all I needed to get rid of my old scraper.  It offers led lights that aid in clearing the snow (and we all know how dark it can be in Wyoming!) and folds down flat and compact for easy storage in the car or truck.  You just might want to get one for yourself!  Click Here for more -


The Big Bobber Floating Cooler - It is exactly what you think it is... a big floating cooler that looks like a fishing bobber.  Fill it with beer or his favorite beverage and he's set to float the river, chill by the pool or head to the lake.  I'm not gonna lie, it's a bit cheesy.  But for the guy who has EVERYTHING, he'll love it!  And you can put more than just beverages inside.  If you're man is a fisherman, fill it with lures, jigs and fishing stuff and he'll be as happy as a kid a christmas!  Of course there's always the gift cards, too. Click Here for More...

Rick Darcy, Townsquare Media

Hunting and Fishing License - In Wyoming, our hunting and fishing licenses expire at the end of the year.  If your man is in to outdoor sports like hunting and fishing, this is an AWESOME gift!!  Being an ice fisherman and waterfowl hunter myself, I always have to check and make sure I've updated my license before heading out to hunt or fish in January.  So, getting this gift for your Wyoming man is as easy as stopping by the nearest sporting goods store or Wyoming Game and Fish office. (You can even get him a gift card to take care of the fees, if it seems too complicated, or buy it online.) - Click Here for More Info... 

Curt Gowdy State Park, Wyoming State Parks Dept.

BONUS - Wyoming State Parks Parking and Camping Permit

As with the hunting and fishing licenses, vehicle parking and camping passes also expire at the end of the year.  Much like above, if your man love to spend time camping at one of the many Wyoming State Parks or goes fishing one of the many lakes inside Curt Gowdy State Park, Glendo State Park, etc... he'd love to have these as a Christmas gift! The passes allow him to enter / park / recreate or go camping all year long for one low fee.  It's so nice not to have to stop and pay at the fee station each time you roll into a state park!  Click Here for more info... 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!