The end of the world? Explosions? Lizard People? A government cover-up?

Probably not, but there are some people who are losing their mind over the upcoming eclipse. We decided to take a look at some of the craziest conspiracy theories that we've heard so far... (at least, we hope they're crazy)


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    The Eclipse Is A Government Created Distraction

    Overheard by a colorful character at a Colorado bar this week. "You know, the eclipse is just a government creation to distract us all from what's really going on." We didn't know the government controlled the earth's rotation, but think it's pretty impressive.

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    Lizard People Will Emerge

    I'm sort of anxious for this one, because I can't decide if a lizard man is half lizard half man, or a man head with a lizard body, or some kind of hybrid. According to a USA Today article, one man is projecting lizard people and alien activity during the tranquility period.

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    Yellowstone Will Erupt

    This one is from a local. Riverton resident Darrah Perez says the total eclipse of the sun will cause the Yellowstone caldera to finally erupt. If you want to be totally creeped out, you can listen to an interview with her here.

  • Lars Baron, Getty Images
    Lars Baron, Getty Images

    Mass Suicides During The Eclipse

    One doomsday prognosticator is projecting the possibility of mass-suicides by several cult members during the eclipse. While I hope nobody loses their life, this one is actually somewhat believable because cults are usually... well, pretty weird. If someone you don't know offers you Kool-Aid, probably best to say no thanks.

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    We'll Enter A New Era Of Mankind

    It's not all doom and gloom when it comes to eclipse predictions. One spiritual healer from the UK suggests that the eclipse will welcome in a new era for mankind. One that includes "spiritual healing" and a "changes to your DNA." This one actually sounds kind of cool, you can learn more from 

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