Wyoming's weather can change without much notice.

If you are driving on Wyoming roads when that weather hits, you could get stranded if the road has to close or conditions become unfavorable, which is common during winter and causes travelers headaches.

The last couple of winters have been eye-openers of the dangers for drivers and search-and-rescue-responders when winter weather hits. Wyoming has to constantly work to stay on top of ways to make traveling during the harsh winters safer and more accessible for drivers.

Technology has undoubtedly made traveling and getting up-to-date information on road conditions much easier. Thanks to a new deal between Wyoming, Google, and other technology companies, information on road closures and alternative route data is becoming more advanced.

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According to a press release from WYDOT, they've expanded access to a tool known as Situation Data Exchange (SDX) to combat the lack of road information.

Navigational apps generally report road closures and recommend alternate routes based on data collected from other drivers who are using the app. As a result, information about infrequently traveled, local roads may not be updated often enough to reflect fast-changing conditions.


In Wyoming, some I-80 motorists following suggested detours have ended up stranded on inaccessible roads without fuel, food, or water.


This also creates hazards for the Wyoming Highway Patrol and other emergency responders tasked with finding and rescuing these motorists. Road closures and ill-advised detours during just one storm in 2023 resulted in 28 search-and-rescue missions in Sweetwater County alone.

The program works by collecting data from vehicles, like WYDOT trucks and snowplows, and in turn, distributing the information on closures, road conditions, speed changes, weather advisories, and even weight restrictions.

So far, Wyoming has reached an agreement with Google and is continuing negotiations with Apple and other navigation systems to expand the information shared to more people.

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