When you hear about an urban legend, it may give you a bit of a chill. You're doomed when you see videos that play out that urban legend.

That's the case with the urban legend of the Nimerigar people.

You've probably heard that the Nimerigar are a race of little people from Shoshone folklore. Their name roughly translates to 'people eaters,' they're said to roam the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming.

The story goes that they were so ruthless that when a person in their community became too ill to carry on, they would kill them with a blow to the head. When a mummy was found near Casper in the 1930s, the characteristics of the body fit the description of the Nimerigar. After the mummy was tested, it was discovered that the person was violently killed the way the stories were told.

Honestly, it's hard to dismiss some stories from the past as urban legends because they didn't have social media to post the story as it was happening. People, like the Nimerigar, weren't walking around with their phones and letting everyone know what they were doing at one particular time. Lucky for us, we do have social media, and urban legends are way creepier now.

Urban America is a TikTok account that posts about urban legends. They recreate the legend; some are worse now because of their visual aspect. The account has picked one of the craziest urban legends from each state, making them even crazier.

Case in point: the Nimerigar people.


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