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As a fan of random facts and trivia and with Cheyenne Frontier Days about to get underway, I thought I'd try and stump you with some fun facts about the great state of Wyoming.  Don't worry, I'll give you the answers as well.

Tens of thousands of visitors are on their way to Wyoming over the next few weeks and many will have questions.  Here are a few interesting facts about the Cowboy State.

5 fun facts and trivia questions about the Cowboy State that you might not know - yet!

1 - What is the Highest Elevation Point in Wyoming?  - Gannett Peak, rising to 13,804 feet is the highest peak in Wyoming.  It straddles the boundary between Fremont and Sublette counties on the Continental Divide in the Wind River Range.

2 - What is the Average Temperature in Wyoming for the month of July? - 67 degrees Fahrenheit.  With many different elevations in Wyoming its easy to escape the summer heat and summers remain relatively cool compared to many other states.

3 - How Many State Parks are in Wyoming?  - Wyoming has 22 state parks, including Boysen State Park which is the largest and home to Boysen Reservoir and located north of Riverton.  By the way, Yellowstone is a National Park and was the 1st National Park in the US.

4 - Where Does Wyoming Rank in Size, Compared to Other States in the USA? - Ranks 10th.  Everyone knows that Alaska is the Biggest state by far and might know that Texas is second largest.  But Wyoming ranks 10th in size with an area of 97,914 sq miles.

5 - According to the Wyoming State Seal, what are the 4 Major Industries of Wyoming?  Did you peak?  If so the you discovered that in the center of the Wyoming state seal they are listed as - Livestock, Grain, Mining and Oil - if you got them with out looking, congratulations!

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