Have you ever had that teacher who drills you for every missed detail? You write up the report about your home state, and the teacher points out every little mistake. Well, this map points out that Wyoming is not as "square" as we thought

If we are being technical here, it is a rectangle, and if we factor in the curvature of the globe, Wyoming is actually trapezoidal in shape. But if we zoom in really close, there are some boundaries that zig-zag on what was once thought to be a straight line. For all those kids who picked Wyoming for the State report because it was easy to draw, this might just ruin their plans.

u/akos_barta via Reddit
u/akos_barta via Reddit

On Reddit.com, user akos_barta posted this map of Wyoming's Secrete Edges. It shows specific places on the Wyoming-Montana border that are not straight lines. Sorry, kidos, you have to put a little more effort with your maps of Wyoming.

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