Gary Allan will be performing in Casper on Wednesday, February 13. That's very appropriate since he has many songs that are very much Casper. Here are my top 5.

It's hard to limit this list to just 5, since Gary has many songs that definitely have a Casper feel to them. See if you agree with my top 5 Gary Allan Casper songs:

5. Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)

Think about it. This is definitely Casper. We have a lots of storms, but very few have rain. Snow, yes. Rain, not so much.

4. Watching Airplanes

Gary loves watching airplanes and we have an airport. Match made in Heaven.

3. Life Ain't Always Beautiful

Despite the fact that Casper is a beautiful place, it's not always beautiful for everyone. We're looking at you 55+ wind gusts on the Outer Road.

2. Tough Little Boys

We Casper fellas are definitely a tough lot. Yes, we start out as innocent little boys, but by adulthood, we are Chuck Norris. Seriously, don't tick us off.

1. Right Where I Need to Be

There are zero places in the world that we'd rather be than Casper. We are right where we need (and want) to be. End of story.

A friendly reminder that Gary Allan will be performing at the Casper Events Center on Wednesday, February 13. Make sure you have tickets in hand for what should be an amazing night of Casper (and Gary Allan) song..

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