Tonight is THE night!

Gary Allan is performing at the Casper Event's Center and I for one can't wait.

I admitted in this interview with him from last week that I am a Gary Allan superfan fan so this post was a bit of an indulgence for me. It wasn't painful at all to scroll through all the articles and interviews to find the 5 fun facts about Gary Allan.

  1. Gary Allan is a prolific jewelry designer. He has his own line of necklaces, earrings, rings, and even custom cufflinks. You can check it out here and there's something for everyone with prices ranging from $20-$11,000.
  2. Gary Allan's real last name is Herzberg. 
  3. Gary Allan has three adult children. All three of his children are girls (Maggie, Dallas, and Tanna) and are in their 20's. In an interview with Taste of Country Gary Allan said of fatherhood "One of the things I love about getting older myself is seeing my kids get older. Sure, sometimes I still have to make sure they are pointing in the right direction, but they are all doing pretty good. The relationship is just really different now.”
  4. He was offered his first record deal at the age of 15 but turned it down. Gary Allan's parents wouldn't allow him to accept because they wanted him to finish his education. According to Gary Allan, this didn't work out exactly as planned, he was so tired from his nightly bar gigs that he often slept through class.
  5. Gary Allan has never been snowshoeing. This little fun tidbit came up in our interview, and while I extended an invitation to take him...I'm not sure he'll have the time. Looks like he'll just have to come back to Casper ;)

Any fun Gary Allan facts we missed?

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