Gary Allan took some time to visit with us about his upcoming Casper Events Center show on February 13 and got more than one invite to go snowshoeing.

We had heard a rumor that Gary has been working on new music and he confirmed that is indeed the case.

Gary: We are. I just turned in a whole bunch of songs. Hopefully the label will get excited about something and I'll bust a couple of them out while we're there.

Gary has had so many big hits over the years, it's a challenge to work some of the new music into a live show when the audience always wants the songs they know.

Gary: You know it's a big challenge because that means they're not playing the hits...I do try to play the hits...I actually went to a Stevie Wonder concert a while back and he played like an album from like 1974 and I felt like I didn't know any songs. So, I went back and made sure I play hits. People want to sing along and I want to give them that.

Gary played Cheyenne Frontier Days a few years ago and was taken back just how big that event is.

Gary: You know what, that was huge. That event is a lot bigger than I anticipated. I heard about it forever. I hope we get to go back and play it sometime.

We had our own questions, but listener Denise wanted us to ask Gary if he writes songs based on where he is in his life or because of a particular mood.

Gary: For me, it's wherever I'm at in the moment. I think all of my albums...they kinda reflect where I was at in life...whether they're up whether they're down. Yeah, it's definitely wrapped around whatever I feel that day.

It didn't take long before we invited Gary to go snowshoeing when he's in Casper.

Gary: I have never been snowshoeing. I know that.

We promise we will invite him again when he arrives in town. Gary Allan will be performing at the Casper Events Center on February 13. Make sure you have tickets as he puts on a show you will never forget. He's truly an "alright guy". See what we did there?

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