There is no doubt that when you hear the last name LeDoux, you know the family we're talking about.

Legendary rodeo champion and country music icon Chris LeDoux made his impact on the music world in the early 1970's and continues today.

His son Ned, followed in his dad's footsteps and continues to keep the LeDoux name front of mind in the music world. Growing up here in the central Wyoming town of Kaycee, his Wyoming and music roots run deep.

Ned began playing drums in his dad's band in the 1990's and began releasing his own music in 2016.

When doing his live shows, Ned reaches back and plays some of his dad's songs. When you hear him singing, if you close your eyes, you can surely hear the influence and sound of Chris.

Social media and technology has been another way legacy of Chris has lived on and allowed Ned to duet with his dad.

It's really cool to see and here the similarities of the two.

In a new social media post, Ned has started a series called 'Songs of Bareback Jack', where he will be going back and performing a song from every album that Chris put out through is career. Every week Ned will do a song and relay a couple stories along the way.

If you're a Chris LeDoux fan, you're going to LOVE this series.

Ned started off with the very first album that Chris released back in 1971 called 'Songs of Rodeo Life'. The first song he did in the series was one that Chris wrote while he was at Casper College, where Ned says he went for a while, called 'Bareback Jack'.

It's absolutely incredible to hear these songs that Chris put his heart and soul into. I don't know about you, but I can't wait for next week.

Check out Ned doing the song AND the duet that, thanks to technology, he was able to do with his dad.

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