I've done a ton of community events while working in radio but my favorite one to be apart of is lemonade day. It's so much fun to go out and support all of the kiddos who work so hard putting together their business.

Zach Custard Townsquare Media
Zach Custard
Townsquare Media

Over the last few years that I've been doing it, I've been keeping a list of things that make it as much fun as it is. I've decided to share that list with you as we gear up for another successful year. Don't forget that registration takes place Wednesday, May 8th at the main Hilltop National Bank Branch right here in Casper.

1. Community involvement: There is no better feeling than seeing an entire community come together to help support kids.

2. It's all about teaching the kids how to be responsible business owners and how to manage their money and product to be successful.

3. Creativity: Every single year that I've gone out and seen some of the stands, I'm always blown away by how incredible the stands look. It shows just how amazing the kids in our community are and puts a smile on my face every year.

4. The smiles: It's a simple reason, but one of my favorite things about lemonade day. The kids are so happy and they bring a whole new meaning to the phrase "service with a smile".

5. This is my last reason and probably my favorite. I promise that no matter where you go in Casper on June 22nd you won't be thirsty or hungry because every corner you pass there will be some hard working kiddo out there trying to earn a little cash.

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