Maybe it isn't lost on us that Lent happens to begin on February 14th this year. It's Ash Wednesday AND Valentines. I don't know what to call that, but can you give up chocolate? Not to make light of something that's just between you and God, though non-believers also decide to join in this tradition.

However you do Lent, I wish you 40 good days of detox. Nine of the top ten ways people abstain in a national poll are about food or drink, and then social media.

We have 5 unofficial guesses at what a Wyoming Man could NOT give up for Lent:

5. Jerky ... It may not be beef jerky (Wyo game), but it is still high in sodium.

4. Hunting & Fishing ... Would God really ask that? Maybe if it's an addition.

3. Beer ... How 'bout just drink 3.2 flu? (You're right, he might just drink more of it.)

2. Chewing tobacco or dipping ... Have you seen Wyoming women do it?

1. Taco John's Potato Oles ... I would have withdrawals.