February 14th, or the 'Holiday' known as Valentine's Day, happens every year and many of us dread it.

Trying to decide on a gift or not, where to go for dinner or just stay home, do you have to do something for your significant other or if you don't will you start a fight. For being a Hallmark Holiday, it sure is stressful.

If you're teetering on the edge of what to do or not to do, you can always resort back to most people's love...Pizza.

Pizza is the food of love and is definitely the way to many people's hearts, especially on Valentine's Day. If you have a pizza that is in the shape of a heart, wow, you just scored big.

Sure, you could just swing by the store, buy a heart-shaped box of chocolates, bottle of wine and a cheap bundle of flowers, you'll get a smile and a thank you. In the back of their mind they're wondering why they chose you and if you really love them.

Unless you've already been given the "You don't love me if you don't do _________" talk, I'd go with one of these options.

  • Order a pizza from your Valentine's favorite pizza joint in the shape of a heart. Wow, you talk about making quite gesture of love.
  • Stop at the grocery store, buy all the ingredients to make a homemade heart-shaped pizza with all of you Valentine's favorite toppings and appetizers. You've gone above and beyond to show your sweetie pie how you really feel about them.

There are quite a few pizzeria's in Wyoming that will be making the heart-shaped pizza's for today.

Firehouse Pizza Wood Fired

Papa John's 

Papa Murphy's Take n Bake

Now if you want to impress with your heart pizza making skills, these videos will give you the ideas and instructions to get the job done.

Video 1 is the 'EASY' and maybe more 'Redneck-ish' way to make it. Video 2 is a deeper dive into creating your own pizza from dough to oven. Video 3 has nothing to do with pizza, but great Valentine's Day desserts.

Good luck and get ready for googly eyes.

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