I received a text from an extremely upset Mr. Prairie Wife last week.

He expressed his anger, hurt, and dare I say extreme disappointment that yet again he didn't draw a sheep tag.

Just a few days before he had been filled with hope and joy, and said that he just knew that it was finally his year.

When I received his text (along with a shaking fist bitmoji) I knew that his spirits would need to be lifted. Below are five things that you can do to help your fellow Wyomingite work through their pain in a healthy way.

1. Listen with an open mind and heart. They are going to need to express their feelings and share their anger and grief with you. Even if they keep repeating the same phrases (it should have been me, I thought it was my year) over and over try and be patient.

2. Distract them with thoughts of deer or elk season. Help them focus on what they DO have. Pull out those maps and start making plans for your annual deer or elk hunt.

3. A little retail therapy never hurts. Head over to your local sports store and indulge in a little retail therapy. A new set of hiking boots to break in, or that awesome spotting scope they've had their eye on, is just what the doctor ordered!

4. Head to the shooting range. Nothing helps lift a sad hunter's mood quite like a bit of time spent at the shooting range. It's a healthy way to take their mind off their loss and focus their energy in a productive way, and chances are that extra practice will pay off with a full freezer this Fall.

5. Binge watch some hunting shows. First, I recommend staying away from any episodes that involve sheep hunting. Second, it's a good idea to pick shows that will allow them to scoff and criticize the "hunting experts" it helps to rebuild your Wyoming hunter's confidence.

NOTE: If you did draw a sheep tag, please be aware of other's feelings and try and keep your social media posting down to a minimum.

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