In 2018 to lead the Cowboy State we hear names like Hageman, MurrayThrone and Dahlin. It's still too early to tell for sure who the real contender candidates will be. Formal filing isn't until May to run for governor.

Meanwhile, just for fun, think Wyoming's most loved celebrities, musicians and athletes. Which of these personalities would you most like to see run for governor? 

1. Larry Nance, Jr. The former Wyoming Cowboy might be a slam dunk, if he weren't dunking for the L.A. Lakers for years to come.  Alan Simpson may have been the tallest in Wyoming's political history at 6'7". Larry is 6'9".

2. Harrison Ford  Are there any Wyomingites who don't know what a real-life hero he is for his own search of a Wyoming boy scout in the backcountry. He also rescued a woman from a wrecked car. We may not know much about his politics, but he did play a President. And how would you like our state's First Lady to be Calista Flockhart?

3. Chancey Williams would be on a list of Wyoming's best musicians of 2017. It won't be if, but when, for the only guy since Chris LeDoux to be at Cheyenne Frontier Days to both perform in concert and compete in the rodeo. That guy will have a real chance(y).

4. Bryan Lane Though maybe not on the A-list you may know the face from his credits like Into the West (2005), Linewatch (2008) and Undead or Alive: A Zombedy (2007). Bryan was born in Evanston, Wyoming.

5. Grapeapplesauce At least that's how he's known to about 538,926 YouTubers. (Holy cow, isn't that our state population?) Born 23 years ago in Cheyenne, he is otherwise known as just Sean. Would he have to get a full name to run for governor?

Bonus: Walt Longmire Of course, he's not real, but we wish he was. Maybe his creator, Craig Johnson, could give the governor a try.


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