We don't see thunderstorms as often as some parts of the country, but Wyoming skies can get crazy. A new video captures Wyoming thunderstorms in all their glory.

Mike Olbinski is a real artist. Just watch what he did with his storm chasing from this Spring.

There are several things to note. First, I'm not sure what percentage of the storms in Mike's video were filmed in Wyoming. According to his Instagram page, Mike is based out of Phoenix, but his videos come up under my Wyoming storm searches, so I'm pretty sure a lot of this is from our part of America. Mike shared some of his chasing experiences on his YouTube channel this week.

The other thing I would like to add is I consider Mike's work a must-follow on all his different social media and websites. If you love lightning pics, follow Mike on Instagram. Seriously.

You can find some of Mike's other stellar work on his official website and Twitter.  If you love storms in picture and video form, his work comes highly recommended.

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