After years of Colorado population growth, the number of residents outgoing is catching up with the incoming. That's because of “housing prices, jobs that don’t pay enough and traffic jams.” That was politely said in a Denver Post report, which also quoted one former resident, “Colorado had become very liberal, anti-religion, anti-gun and way too sensitive about stuff.”

6 of our own quotes on why Greenies want out:

1. "I keep moving further east than the light rail's end to keep rent below $2,000, and it still goes up. Where I live now is halfway to Kansas. I might as well move there."

2. "My income vs out-go started getting more & more unsustainable in 2010."

3. "In social settings, people can't seem to talk about anything but weed. I'm sick of it, and the smell everywhere I go."

4. "Weren't we all s'posed to get some dispensary tax surplus? I never got a check."

5. "The State should spend that tax money on widening and building more freeways to lighten some traffic."

6. "It seems now there are as many fans of the Raiders as Broncos. And that's just the ones who have to wear that stinking black & silver jersey."

Actually, those were all my own quotes at one time. In 1987  when I moved there - the first of three different stints in the Mile High City - it was home to 1.7 million. I saw it go waving by over two million before I left the second time in 1994. In 2010 I was still happy to move back. Since I hadn't visited in 15 years, I couldn't believe how different it looked. Watching it change even more, I was starting to think I'd be okay with leaving forever. And I once thought I'd never say that about Denver. By 2015 I was screaming for someone to, "Get me out of here!" And thank you for that, Townsquare Media, Wyoming.

Now I enjoy a 10-minute commute, more polite people, plenty of Bronco fans here too, no income tax and wayyy less rent,

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