Maine is known for lobsters, and Texas is known for BBQ, but what foods are totally and uniquely Wyoming? We looked at tried and true foods found around the state. Some are companies and some just taste good. We based this on solid and scientific research. And when we say research we mean eating.



Western Cookout

There is something mystical about a campfire. The smell and the crackling of the wood has a way of transporting you to a simpler time. Use a cast-iron dutch-oven, grill, or aluminum foil, and you can make just about anything over a campfire.


Ian Delap, Townsquare Media

Taco John's

This food franchise has a place in Wyoming's heart (besides the excess cholesterol.) The business started as a food cart in Cheyenne, and now has stores all across the nation. Ole!


Rick Darcy, Townsquare Media

Fresh Fish

Food always tastes better when you earn it. In the Cowboy State there are plenty of places to throw a line and catch dinner. A skilled angler can land a wide variety of fish in the state from rainbow trout, walleye, salmon, and even burbot.



Sausage Gravy

Whether you smother it over biscuits, burritos, or country fried steak, gravy may as well be a food group in Wyoming. Locally we have a few restaurants who have there own take. The sausage gravy at G-Ma's is spicy. Eggington's gravy is herbal. It's not traditional, but it is good as long as you know what to expect.



Wild Game

Elk and deer are plentifully in Wyoming. Health nuts are on the quest for the purest free-range-non-GMO hamburger, but in Wyoming, our backyard has the simplest answer. With skill, timing, luck, and the correct tag, you can fill your freezer with the best free range protein.



Alcoholic Slushies

Ice drinks have gone way past the margarita. It's not unique to Wyoming, but some of the liquor stores offer a range of flavors. On a hot summer day what better way to cool down then with an icy adult beverage.




Meat is good. Thankfully not all meat requires refrigeration. Around the state, several places sell dried meats. You can find a full assortment including buffalo, antelope, venison, elk, and even rattlesnake.