Ask anyone what comes to mind when they think of Wyoming, most would probably mention Yellowstone. That is understandable. But, for my family it's the Grand Tetons that have been where our love affair with Wyoming began.

My wife has had a list of top places on Earth she wanted to visit at some point. High on that list has always been Grand Teton National Park. I have notoriously not had many vacations in my life. That made it near impossible to escape and see these kind of sights.

That changed in 2016 when we moved to within a weekend drive of the Grand Tetons. We lived in Idaho at the time and drove toward the park from the south through southwestern Wyoming heading north through Jackson. I recall getting brief glimpses of the peaks, but not seeing the full range.

I'll never forget the view when we headed north out of Jackson and crested a hill just outside of the city on Highway 191. There they were...

I have seen my share of mountains in my life. I lived in Colorado and Montana, so I'm something of a peak veteran. But, my jaw dropped as I saw the Grand Tetons. There are simply no mountains on Earth that can compare.

The pics I've shared are only a small percentage of the 2 million pics my wife took during that trip. That's only a slight exaggeration and I have the memory card to prove it. I can't blame her as the Grand Tetons have been a source of awe and admiration for our family as long as I can remember.

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