It sure shouldn't surprise anyone that there was another incident involving a bison and human. This time though, the only thing hurt was the front end of a Mazda crossover.

The vehicle got off easy with just a bit of front end damage, that could've been way worse. Especially since this time of the year is very active for's bison rut season.

Over the years, the bison population has increased and that means more bison mating. More hopped up bison hormones, means everyone should be walking on egg shells around them.

Ahhh the rut season. That time of the year when all the male bison get all charged up to meet that special lady and have a few intimate moments.

Rut in the bison world lasts from June to September, but the heaviest of action is July and August. Now it all makes since, right? June to September is tourist season, no wonder every year we hear about more and more bison/human/car interactions.

We all should know (not everyone gets and reads the memo) to remain at a safe distance from all animals in Yellowstone, but the fact that when you get too close, you're getting in the way of bison love. You may not be interested in the bison babe the bull has his eye on, but he thinks you're a threat to his lady.

In the world of bison, the bison ladies are a one bull gal...the bison bulls are a whole different story. The bison bulls will try to hook up with as many females as possible, they are considered polygynous.

You may not think you're a threat to the bison, you just want a close up picture. Allow this video to speak for the bison.

MAZDA: Dear Mr. Bison, are you bothered by me getting too close to you?

MR. BISON: Stay away from my lady!

A Gallery Of High Planes Wyoming Winter Bison

Special thanks to Grandpa Rich of Thermopolis Wyoming for these photos.

Each morning Grandpa drives up to check on the herd in Hot Springs County Wyoming.

As he drives around he takes photos and sends them to me.

An audience of 1 is not enough.

That's why I'm sharing them with you.

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