People attend Beartrap Summer Festival for all sorts of reasons.

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The vendors, the good food and adult beverages...the family and dog-friendly fun, and of course the gorgeous scenery of Casper Mountain.

For me, it's all about the people.

I love nothing more than wandering around the crowd petting puppies, talking to families, saying hi to familiar faces, and making new friends. There is something about that fresh mountain air and the overall vibe that makes everyone up at Beartrap your best friend.

As an employee of the radio station, we have access to the backstage area, which means we sometimes get to hang with the band members.

Normally I can play it cool while surrounded by so much talent, but I have to admit that Saturday I totally fangirled over one of the musicians.

His name is Michael Jochum and he's the drummer for Ryan Chrys & The Rough Cuts.

His list of accomplishments is too long to put here, but I'd guess that most people know him from his time as a drummer for Korn.

But, that's not why I was fangirling...nope for me it was the fact that he played in the house band for The Muppets Tonight Show.

AND that means he was the man behind the drumming "Animal" the drum-playing puppet that everyone loves!

I grew up watching "The Muppets" and while Miss Piggy was my favorite (obviously) I totally geeked out when I found out that I was so close to so much greatness.

And yeah, you better believe I went over to him and asked him all about it, and do you know what?

He was one of the kindest nicest musicians I've had the pleasure to talk to.

Jochum was more than happy to talk to me about his experiences not only with "The Muppets" but with Tracy Ullman and "The Simpsons" too.

He said that I am definitely not the first one to be thrilled with his Muppet connection, and he and I both marveled at the artistry of the puppeteers.

When I went home and began to do a little internet stalking, I only became more impressed.

In his decades of being a musician, Jochum has traveled the world and has a resume that is impressive, to say the least.

From playing on the theme for "Happy Days" to working with musicians like Christina Aguilera you name it, he's likely done it.

Jochum is also an advocate for disabled musicians, sharing his own story of living as a musician with Spinal Bifida in the hopes of inspiring others.

I can certainly tell you, that after chatting with him (and introducing him to the hubby) that he now has a new lifelong fan of both his music AND who he is as a person.

Thanks, Michael Jochum for taking the time to make this girl's dream come true.

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