It was a beautiful afternoon at Pimlico Race Course for the 136th running of the Preakness States.  It's the second race in the Triple Crown series, and all eyes were on Kentucky Derby winner, 'Animal Kingdom,' in hopes he could keep the quest for the elusive title alive.

An eager and surly line of 14 would come together and make it an exciting race right up until the finish.  I plan on giving it away at the end, but before I bore you I want to share...

Troy's Top 11 names for racehorses

11)  Place Yor Bet

10)  Animal Cracker Jack Kingdom

 9)  Seamuffin

 8)  Gimme 3 Lengths

 7)  Mounted Julep

 6)  Not Enough Speed

 5)  Disc Jockey Shorts

 4)  Better Never Than Late

 3)  Always Third

 2)  I Ams Dogfood

 And CT's number one racehorse name is...

 1)  Shop Casper First   

And there you have it! 

 So 'Animal Kingdom' would make up major ground in the end but it would prove to little to late as 'Shackleford' would make a grand showing and win by a half length, removing any hope for a Triple Crown winner this year.  It's kind of like when a figure skater falls down-the program is still good but a lot of the excitement is gone.  Next up, The Belmont Stakes in Elmont, New York, June 11th.

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