Trent Loos is a cowboy commentator who speaks his mind on social media through written word and video, including a live stream on FaceBook.

Trent is a sixth-generation farmer from central Nebraska who has accepted the challenge to tell the story of modern farming methods because too much of what the consumers know today isn't so.

In his latest video, he asks why some people hate cows. Cattle do a lot of good for the environment after all. But he also dives into why he thinks that some people want to take cattle away along with the ranchers land and guns. It's not about what they say it is about. It is about control. It is about Socialism.

According to Trent, telling us where we can and can't live, what we can and can't own, and even what we can eat, is more about control than saving the planet.

You can watch Trent Loos's video at this link.

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The website The View From Under The Cowboy Hat posted an article pointing out all of the good cowboys and cows do for the environment. Their post is a side of the story that is not told by news media and those who wrongly consider themselves environmentalist.

Science shows us that CO2 is, in fact, not a pollutant. Without CO2 Earth would be a dead planet. Nature uses it, recycles it, and uses it again. This is shown in a series of studies done by the universities listed below.

Studies show that there is a symbiotic relationship between plants and other life forms, as shown in this article form Scientific America.

You can find out more in this article I posted on how cowboys are saving the environment.

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