For years we've been relying on battery operated trolling motors to enhance our fishing experience. Using the small, quiet motor to slowly move along the edge of a bank or the spot on the lake where you've found the motherload of fish.

Lots of golf carts, hunting buggy's and bikes are out there that don't have a gas powered engine on them. They make sneaking around while hunting quite a bit easier.

So electric motors aren't new.

What if it wasn't just your trolling motor or golf carts?

What if your entire boat was powered by battery? Are we ready for that type of tech, here in Wyoming?

Ready or not, here they come.

Pure Watercraft / GM Pontoon Boat from Pure Watercraft on Vimeo.

The big problem I see for Wyomingites, is the price tag. $75,000 - $95,000 for the Pure Pontoon Boat from Pure Watercraft, seems a little steep for an area that may have 2-3 months of boating time.

With boating season upon us, whether your on an e-boat or a gas powered boat, make sure you're prepared and have all the necessary documentation. Remember, doesn't matter if your boat is electric or gas powered, it still needs to be registered in the State of Wyoming. 

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