When someone claims to be the best, but you know better, that's hard to let go. There's a steakhouse that claims the best steaks. They're not only "not exactly," they aren't even close. I'd never say that without giving them many chances to give me quality. They didn't. Their chances really were many, so I think I'm judging fairly.

This place is close, it's convenient and I like the people who work there. It's not the server's fault. It's also ironic that everything else on the menu is actually real good, just not the steaks. As I said, I kept trying their supposed best thing on the menu, but what I kept getting was the worst. At first I thought it had to be a fluke - that it couldn't be that bad every time. Yep, it was, so I finally gave up. I'd be cool with this if it had happened just once or twice. No, it really was like they were incapable of serving me just one good piece of meat.

I know the meat quality can be iffy, but it's not supposed to be bad every time. What's the most important thing from the start with steak? It has to be a good piece of meat, right? If the quality of cut isn't good, it has no chance of being the best. That's what killed me. They never got close to the best. Sometimes it was edible - barely.

I'd never had a bad prime rib, until going to this place. I never got a prime rib so bad I couldn't chew. I doubt anyone ever thought this was a Super Bowl Champ of steakhouses, but this is like the "perfect" 0-16 Cleveland Browns.

I like the bar for being able to converse with fun people and watch games on the big screens. As I said, I like most everything else on the menu except their "steak," but it just bugs me that steak is what they claim to do best. while it's just what they do worst.

Don't ask me to name the place. I would never do that. And all other Cowboy State steakhouses are great. Only one is not, maybe because it's not really a Wyoming Steakhouse (they're everywhere).