Texas loves you, Casper, and I can prove it. There's a website in the Lonestar state that thinks everyone should come to our town.

I know we're very lovable, but I have to admit that I was surprised to see the website Houstonia show us this kind of attention. The recently did a thing about what people should do with their summer plans. Guess who's #1 on their list? That's right. It's us.

But, why? It's no shock that our newly-discovered Texas friends are impressed with our rodeos, but they listed other reasons. The usual suspects like our awesome Casper Mountain and fly fishing in the North Platte River make an appearance. But, they go on and on about other Casper stuff.

Houstonia thinks that everyone should get coffee at one of our grocery stores plus beer and pizza at some of our local stops.

Check out this quote from Houstonia and you'll see they understand our vibe here:

Unlike some of the more well-known Wyoming towns, you’ll find yourself pretty much alone with your thoughts in nature, making it a perfect way to explore the beauty of all that Wyoming has to offer.

Should we tell them about the alone time they'll have while dealing with traffic on Beverly and 2nd Street?

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