This week is Veteran's week at Casper College to lead up to this weekend's 3rd Annual Veteran's Ball.

The week will be filled with activities on campus that are influenced by veterans. The Casper College Veteran's Services is one of the nation's leading on campus veteran groups. Year after year Casper College is at, or near, the top of the list of schools that are veteran friendly.

One reason they remain toward the top, is this week's Veteran's Week.

Events are scheduled all week to honor veterans and their dependents.

  • Monday morning Cadence Run
  • Tuesday features "Operation Thunderbird Military Kids Night" from 5p-8p
  • Wednesday "Gold Star Awareness Day"
  • Thursday is Casper College Veteran Champions Thank You Reception at noon
  • Friday is R.E.D. Friday - Remember Everyone Deployed. A day everyone on campus and around the community are encouraged to wear red, to help remind others that we have troops deployed all over the world.

Then on Saturday, Veterans Day, it's the 3rd Annual Casper College Veteran's Ball to cap off the week.

Each day this week, Casper College Veteran's Services will be doing a veteran spotlight, which will highlight a different veteran on Campus.

The first vet highlighted was Navy veteran and longtime member of CCVS, Will Hoffman.

Monday's vet spotlight was on Veterans and Military Affiliated Student Coordinator at Casper College, Phil Young.

Giving back to and supporting our veterans is the duty of every citizen of the United States. The sacrifice made by each and every man or woman that has served is definitely worth giving them our support.

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