My home is Wyoming, but I was out of town for the eclipse. Friday through Monday I was in Denver and I would not have cared if this was our first total solar eclipse in 1,099 years.

31 years ago I was on an air-staff that ruled Denver radio. The Y-108 reunion happened to be scheduled on eclipse weekend and I wouldn't have missed it for the moon!

Actually Moon was the name of one of our young personalities. Michael Moon and I became friends in 1986. He went on to other prestigious stations and won something called a Marconi Award, which is the radio industry's highest form of flattery. It was great to see him and that whole bunch of freakishly talented people.

Many great stories were remembered like they all happened yesterday. I won't bore you with them, but they were all hilarious to us.

After I left Y-108, Moon told me, "That guy Mark Bolke (Program Director) has us positioned like the rock of Gibralter. No station will be knockin' us off for a long time." He was right. For nearly 8 years no one came close.

Anyway, the weekend was a real hoot for me, and if you were here, I hope you enjoyed your little two and a half minutes of the eclipse. JUST KIDDING!

Scott LeTourneau Facebook, Moon
Scott LeTourneau Facebook, Moon

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