It has been a continuing controversy for a few years now, and recently it reared it's ugly head again.

Should children be taught to write in cursive?

People that are all about getting rid of it, insist that with the increasing reliance on technology, students would be better-served learning code.

Proponents FOR teaching cursive emphasize the need to be able to sign your name on legal documents and read historical papers.

We thought it was worth our time to ask you what you thought and the responses were overwhelmingly FOR teaching Wyoming children to write and read cursive.

Regina said "They should know how to or they will never be able to read half of things in life ...I write half my stuff in cards & stuff in cursive my kids can't always read it I am in the process of teaching them myself cause they need to know how."

Devin agreed, "Yes. The constitution becomes a foreign language if they cant write or read cursive. I taught my 7-year-old cursive because it's important."

Tara has had first-hand experience with the consequences of a child that doesn't learn cursive. "Yes! My son is now in college and one of his professors writes the study guides in cursive and he can't read them."

Ivan DID have a great point "Probably, yes...but think of the things they no loner need: e.g., shorthand, typewriter, etcetera. Times do change."

Honestly, I agree with the majoirty, Wyoming kids should learn to write in cursive.

And I personally plan to teach my older children that aren't learning it in school over the summer with this book.

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