I've been in the process of moving into a new home and as I wait for a visit from the cable company to install my digital link to the outside world (by waiting I really mean taking a day off from work and rearranging my life, simply to meet the needs of our cable company. But that's another post for the future).

With no TV to speak of, it's given me some free time to catch up on a few DVD's I've been meaning to watch or re-watch in most cases. While in the middle of watching one particularly poor movie that I won't name, I thought to myself - How on earth did this movie get made? This really makes "insert actors name here" look horrible!

I'm not saying that actors can't have a bad film or two. In fact, you may have been witness to how a good actor can save a bad movie script. But in the same light, I'm sure you also will agree that a bad or even horrible actor can completely ruin a really good movie.

This is why I simply refuse to watch any movie with certain actors in leading roles, because I'm tired of being let down and already know what the outcome will be.

So, I thought I'd throw out a few names of some actors in some of their most horrific roles, not just necessarily in a bad movie.

If you agree, disagree or even have others to add to the list, please feel free to comment below.

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    John Travolta, Battlefield Earth (2000)

    Being a huge fan of Sci-Fi movies, I remember being extremely excited to see this movie when it was released in the summer of 2000. Only to be let down after all of the hype and false hopes created by the previews, didn't make it up onto the silver screen.

    This was simply a case of cheesy acting in a movie that probably should have never been made. To date, this is one of the biggest movie making blunders that still sits towards the top of the list of top box office bombs.

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    Sylvester Stallone, Over The Top (1987)

    Although he should get a second nomination for his role in "Rhinestone", Sly has had some real train wreck rolls in his career.

    But, this action drama about a trucker who has to win an arm wrestling competition to save his family, really was "Over The Top"!

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    Nicholas Cage, The Wicker Man (2006)

    Nicholas Cage seems to be on a road to self destruction as of late. Some of his early works, like "Raising Arizona", were fun movies to watch and very entertaining. But after Nicolas started buying up castles and sailed his life into financial shipwreck, his work has gotten worse.

    This was a poorly conceived idea from the start.  A remake of a 1973 horror film that wasn't particularly popular the first time around. Though of all of his most recent flicks, Cage's starring role in "The Wicker Man" gets him a spot in my top 5.

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    Tom Cruise, Days of Thunder (1990)

    I'm a huge NASCAR Fan and much like Tom's role in "Top Gun" earns him a black mark in the eyes of Air Force Vets, so goes his roll in "Days of Thunder" to race fans.

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    Brendan Fraser, Bedazzled (2000)

    This was a really tough decision to pick just one movie. Brendan's disastrous roles from "Encino Man" to "The Journey Center of the Earth", to "Bedazzled", got his name added to this list.

    In fact, his resume is littered with movie roles that could have been really good flicks. Only to be brought to ground with poor reviews and speculation of what might have been if only a different lead actor were cast.

    Brendan's lack of ability to shine in a variety of different roles, has killed some promising scripts and earns him my top spot.

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