Having a daughter that is on the verge of graduating from High School, I know the stress and headaches that having children can bring. But what about all of the benefits?

Most of us are trudging through another Monday, just trying to get the work day finished. Once we get to quitting time and head home, many of us will find our families there waiting for us.   Which just might bring a few more benefits to your health that than you realize!

According to an article I read at FoxNews.com there are a ton of great reasons to have children, some you might be aware of and some you might not.  After reading the article I decided to post my top 5 benefits of having children.

#5) Children Make You Sexier

Thinking back to my single dad days with a toddler riding shotgun or playing at the park, it was better than having a new puppy. Children are the ultimate chick magnet! Ask any father and they'll tell you there’s no better way of attracting attention from the fairer sex than by strolling through a park or a store with an adorable baby. It's the truth!

#4) Kids Give You a Convenient Excuse

Many folks with kids seem as though they never go out after they've have kids. And yes, it's true that kids take up a lot of time. But, it also helps to give those of us with kids a great excuse to NOT go out when we don't want to.

#3) Children Remind You Smell the Roses

When was the last time you gazed up at the stars or lay on your back watching the passing clouds? You will be amazed at how a children can teach you to shake cynicism and the other daily defenses you've built up.  Not to mention how magical the world will look to you after you've begin looking at it through the eyes of a child.

#2) Children Renew Your Quest for Knowledge

Anyone with a child can tell you that their child’s favorite word is “why.” Especially when kids are younger, they'll constantly want to know the answer to a variety of head-scratching questions like:

“Why does a cat have nine lives?”, “Why does it smell so good after it rains?” and “Mommy and Daddy why do you lock your bedroom door at night?”

Not having the answer to all of these queries will surely get your mental wheels turning as you attempt to come up with answers to try and calm the barrage of questions a child can bring.

And my number one benefit of having children:

#1) Having Kids Actually Lowers Your Blood Pressure

I know what your thinking - my kids drive me crazy! But, researchers at BYU hooked up monitors to 200 married men and women for 24 hours straight and found that the people with kids had significantly lower blood pressure.

Researchers think that having kids gives people a greater sense of purpose, and the healthy effects of that can cancel out the negative effects of the stress they might cause.

So if you have kids, give them a big hug and a kiss when you send them off to bed tonight. Then tell them - Thanks! Because, they might just be improving your health and your quality of life!

Source: FoxNews.com