Coronavirus cases are rising, and flu season is in full swing – and Wyoming's children are least protected compared to other states.
QuoteWizard's team of analysts found that Wyoming ranks 10th worst for child vaccination rates.
Vaccines are a key means of protection, but nearly half of the nation’s school-age children aren’t protected. The study found that nationwide, 57% of children under 17 haven’t received the coronavirus vaccine and 55% haven’t gotten a flu shot.
Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut have the highest vaccination rates, while Wyoming, Mississippi, and Tennessee have the lowest vaccination rates.
For Wyoming specifically, only 30% of children received the first dose COVID-19 vaccine and 29% of children received the flu vaccine.
When people aren’t vaccinated, they expose those around them to additional risks, especially those with underlying health conditions. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, flu vaccination rates dropped by 21% nationwide. However, now that lockdowns have been lifted and medical services are increasingly available, flu vaccination rates are returning closer to traditional averages.
Read the full report HERE.

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