The world is not a stranger to war. It's  been happening since the beginning and devastating countries and it's people ever since. If you've turned on the news, opened a website or turned on the radio in the last few weeks you've seen the war that's going on in Ukraine.

What you don't see are the men and women that are doing their best to bring help to those that are in need of supplies. There are families that are fleeing the war-torn country and desperately trying to reunite with loved ones.

In Wyoming we have a large number of families that have done their best to help the children of Ukraine by adopting them and bringing them to the U.S. for a better life. The organization Host Orphans Worldwide is the group behind bringing these children to loving families all over the country. Wyoming just happens to be the home of this organization.

When the invasion of Ukraine began, there were families that were in the middle of the adoption and hosting process for many of these kids. H.O.W. jumped into action to help the children that are still in the Ukraine any way they could and that includes getting boots on the ground to assist.

One of those that volunteered is my longtime friend and brother, Retired U.S. Army Sgt. Scott McAdams. Scott and his incredible wife Jackie have been part of my life since we were just kids and one of the reasons I decided to make the move to Wyoming.

Scott and Jackie live in the Gillette area and have already adopted 5 children from Ukraine and are in the process of adopting another. The adoption process slowed drastically when this all started and Scott jumped into action. Currently Scott is running supply missions to orphanages and helping as many refugees make it out of war-torn Ukraine and reunite with their families across the border as he can.

Scott is working with a support team that is in Poland helping as many people as possible there too. With the backing of H.O.W. they are able to clothe, feed, bring medicine, give shelter and even special treats for the kids. If you'd like to help the cause you can find out more information at the Host Orphans Worldwide website and put in that you want to support Scott and the team on the ground in Ukraine.

I was able to video call Scott while he was on the road during one of his missions and recounts some of the missions and problems he's had. Watch that interview and support them if you can.

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