David Ramos, Getty Images

Since the November election, to find out find out what each state's populace has been Googling more frequently than those in other states, Estately.com used Google Trends. Do these results for the Cowboy State surprise you?

WYOMING:  Trump inauguration speech / Trump cabinet / FOX News live / internment of Japanese Americans / fascism / xenophobia / filibuster / Who won the popular vote? / populism / drain the swamp / Electoral College

It makes sense that Alabama would google Jeff Sessions, as Indiana googled Mike Pence. Both California and Texas searched on secession.

After all these years since World War Two, Wyoming suddenly became interested again in Japanese American internment? Is it still guilt? We're not the only state with that mark on U.S. history. There were also camps in Arizona, Arkansas, and California. In Wyoming, Japanese from the west coast were taken to Heart Mountain, near Cody. By the way, a search on that also brings up those stories from our site. (As for all the other googling on the Cowboy State's list, we'll just say no comment.)

To be fair, Estately’s full 50 list - here - does not represent things each state Googled the most since the election, it just shows the searches each state Googled "more frequently than the others."

Also in our region of the country, here’s where our neighbors were most curious:

COLORADO:  Did Obama ban Iraqi refugees in 2011 / Oleg Erovinkin / federal funding to sanctuary cities / Trump 100 day action plan / alcohol delivery / Comey effect / Neil Gorsuch

MONTANA:  Richard Spencer / Putin Trump / National Park Service / misogyny definition / Keystone Pipeline

NEBRASKA:  Trump’s wall / SNL writer Barron Trump

SOUTH DAKOTA: Did Obama ban refugees in 2011? / Where is Syria? / bathroom bill / Kellyanne Conway outfit / Animal Farm

UTAH:  International Rescue Committee / Meryl Streep Golden Globes speech video