The first ladies of country, such as Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, LeAnn Rimes, Reba McEntire and Miranda Lambert, were featured on ABC’s ‘All Access Nashville’ hour-long special last night (Oct. 26.) There was some skirting of issues (such as Swift politely declining to discuss her love life) and some big reveals, such as Rimes sharing that she has penned new songs about her headline-grabbing affair with now-husband Eddie Cibrian.

Lambert shared why she likes the cheatin’ and drinkin’ songs, while Underwood’s segment was pre-taped, and she introduced a news package on the genre’s most influential women.

Swift, who towered over host Katie Couric, revealed she sometimes records spontaneous melodies on her iPhone. Couric mentioned that with each new Swift hit comes the guessing game. Which famous ex is ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ really about? Was the scarf in the video a hint about the identity of the ex, revealing that it’s Jake Gyllenhaal?

“For me the one thing that I keep really close is the identity of who these songs are about,” Swift said. She has no problem with fan fiction “written” to fill in the gaps.

When Couric asked if Swift ever hears from exes once they make it into a song, she replied, “They don’t say it that gracefully or with that eloquent tone. If they are not liking what’s written about them or what they assume is written about them, then I hit the nail on the head. It’s probably true.”

Couric tried to steer the conversation to Swift’s “fun summer,” which was obviously a reference to her romance with Conor Kennedy. “It was a great summer. The single came out, I made the album…” Swift said, skirting the issuing in the most ladylike of ways.

She continued, “For me, I think my personal stories sound better in a song than in an interview in quotes. It’s not about what gossip is online. I don’t read any of that stuff. I have a huge priority on being happy. That’s not Googling myself and checking every minute.” So, basically, it was not a revelatory chat at all.

Reba, arguably the reigning queen of country, was the subject of a bio package, about never giving up, even when people told her she had peaked.

Nothing was off limits for Rimes, looking hot with tossled hair and thigh-high, black leather boots. She was an open book about why she went to treatment and how people had expressed that they couldn’t understand why she was hurting so badly.

“I wasn’t a kid,” she said through tears. “You get to see your kids be kids. I didn’t get any of those things.” She bought a house for her family when she was 12, which was a lot of pressure, and robbed her of her sense of identity. “Sometimes I want to go back to the trailer,” she mused.

She learned to “be comfortable with me” in treatment. “Not LeAnn Rimes the singer, but LeAnn the human being,” she revealed.

She approached her new album ‘Spitfire’ in a different way. It was not about reaching the high notes but about going through a musical therapy session.

She wrote ‘What Have I Done’ about her ex-husband Dean Sheremet, who has heard it. She also wrote ‘Borrowed’ about the headlines from her affair with new husband Cibrian. “I love that man more than anything,” she said.

Lambert and the Pistol Annies were featured as the bad girls of country. Lambert talked about throwing back cinnamon whisky shots before taking the stage, with the cheating and drinking songs being what makes Lambert feel better when she is having a bad day.

Underwood appeared at the end, saluting the likes of legends like Patsy Cline, as well as contemporary acts. She essentially walked through all the beloved ladies of the genre.

The special was a love letter to country’s finest women.