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Heads up Idol fans. Producers are telling K2 Radio that the audition start times are earlier than first reported. 8 a.m. is now the call time with auditions that continue through the day until 4 p.m. at which point if you haven’t faced the judges you likely won’t.

Casper’s Mayor, Kenyne Schlager, says she’ll be on site to wish people luck and join in the excitement.

“Well, I just really want to be there to see how the process works and support all the great people in our community, but I love American Idol and I’m just so excited that they’re coming to town.”

If you plan to attend don’t forget to bring a Photo I.D. that proves your age. You must be older than 15 and under 28 years of age.

You’ll probably be standing for a good while in the hot sun so dress accordingly, bring a chair, if you like, that is easy to move along as you wait your turn.

Parking is at the Natrona County Fair grounds with access only from west 13th.

Refreshments will be available for sale on site.

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