Found an interesting story posted online at that makes the statement that an average beer drinker will spend more than a year of their lives in bars.  Let's breakdown how they came to that conclusion.


The article quotes several beer drinking statistics, but doesn't quote any sources. Nevertheless, as a beer drinker myself, I found the statistics very interesting.

The article states that in an average week, a beer drinker will spend about 3 and a half hours in bars or pubs. Compile that over the course of a year and it adds up to just about 8 days.

Now calculate that number over a beer drinkers lifetime - from the time they turn the legal drinking age of 21 until the age of 71 (approximately 50 years) a beer drinker will spend about 9,273 hours in bars. In case you were wondering that breaks down into approximately 386 days, which is just over a year.

Now that's a lot of time spent drinking.

The study also suggested that the average beer drinker will spend about $17 per hour while they drink. That seems a bit high to me, but when you figure that out over the cost of your lifetime and it comes to $157,641 and that is a bit more consumable in my opinion.

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