They’re tourmates and ‘American Idol’ alums — but are Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina also something more? It’s a question they’ve been asked repeatedly lately, and one they’ve done a great job of refusing to answer.

McCreery and Alaina continued their obfuscation during a recent appearance at the Google campus, dodging yet another volley from the ‘are they or aren’t they?’ camp when the subject came up as part of a series of questions about their feelings on Google’s new social network, Google+.

One of the network’s unique features is the ability to put the people you follow in “circles,” so when the interviewer took the opportunity to ask McCreery which one he’d put Alaina in, McCreery passed the buck, asking, “What circle would you put me in, Lauren?”

“I don’t know,” she laughed, but the duo’s body language seemed to indicate that there was more to their answers.

Of course, the interview wasn’t all about McCreery and Alaina’s love lives — they also discussed work on their upcoming debut albums and life as rising post-’Idol’ stars. Watch the whole clip below!

[Taste of Country]