The lights went down and Aquile took to the stage at Galloways Irish Pub on Tuesday night, courtesy of I-25 Entertainment. He was surrounded by friends, family, fans, random well-wishers and yes, lots and lots of girls. He began singing his first song, and everybody in attendance was reminded of exactly how and why Aquile is where he is today- dude is seriously talented.

He can sing, he can play guitar, he can rap, he can even freakin beat-box WHILE singing AND playing guitar. He played a wide array of songs; originals and covers- including Britney Spears' Hit Me Baby One More Time. Aquile proved on this night that he is going to be a name to remember. When asked what his Plan B was if his career didn't work out, his reply was "Plan B is to not fail at Plan A." Something tells us that he won't.

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