As we are wrapping up the Central Wyoming Fair and PRCA Rodeo for 2023, it's time we really talk about those maniacs that are truly fearless and crazy.


Every year, we're lucky enough to have some of the best bullfighters in the P.R.C.A. come to Casper and put their necks on the line to make sure the bull riders are as safe as possible.

These guys dress up in their big, bulky pants, put on their war face paint and run around in circles to draw the attention of a 1500 pound MAD bull and do their best to keep the rider safe.

Bullfighters 2
@codywebsterprofessionalbul6775 via YouTube

One of those wild dudes is name Cody Webster.

bullfighter 3

Cody is a regular here in Casper and he's also one of the top bullfighters in the country.

  • 10x Wrangler National Finals Rodeo Bullfighter
  • 10X P.B.R World Finals Bullfighter
  • 2020-22 PRCA Bullfighter of The Year

According to the description of this hype video of Casper that Cody released, Casper is one of his favorite stops of the summer.

If you've never been in the ring facing off with a bull every night, you may not really know what all goes on behind the scenes for a bullfighter.

Cody does a video series on YouTube called 'Behind The Chutes'. In the series he does exactly what the title of the series says...takes viewers behind the scenes of being a major part of the rodeo.

Behind the Chutes actually began here in Casper 3 years ago and there are now 72 episodes.

Not only is he a crazy dude, he also helps teach other crazy dudes with his Bull School. He helps other bullfighters up their game and get to the next level.

Watching these guys work is another reason to love the rodeo. The main draw may be the animal / rider connection, but there's so much more.

Central Wyoming Rodeo-Thursday

Central Wyoming Rodeo-Thursday

College National Finals Rodeo-Wednesday

College National Finals Rodeo-Wednesday

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