When October hits, things get REALLY spooky around Natrona County. Normal houses, businesses and barns turn into something out of a horror movie.

Halloween brings out something different in people.

For some, it's their time to shine. They wait all year to be able to put on their favorite goblin, ghoul, ghost, monster, zombie or slasher costume and head out on the town.

Since October 1st, people have changed their TV and movie watching to the slasher, gory thrillers that give them quite the fright.

You know the Casper area loves Halloween, heck the city has the name of the friendly ghost.

Casper Ghost
Drew Kirby/CANVA

Many people take the opportunity to give people the chance to kick back, relax and enjoy the thrills and chills of the Halloween season.

Trail Busters 4-H club, part of Natrona County 4-H, is bringing back the Haunted Barn for the 3rd year. October 22, 23, 28, 29 and 30. Admission is only $8 per person (cash only)

This year the theme is 'Nightmares in the Attic', if you've have a creepy attic, you definitely know how big of a nightmare it can be.

Now of course there will be the scary moments of your trip to the Haunted Barn, but there's also going to be great family fun. You'll have a chance to pet farm animals, kick back and relax around the fire pit, sip on hot chocolate or cider, nibble on cookies, take your families annual Halloween Family picture and cry from fear while creeping through the Haunted Barn.

As scary as that all sounds, the proceeds are going to a good cause...the Trail Busters 4-H club.

Make your plans now and head to the Haunted Barn.

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