When a driver crashed into the side of Crest Hill Elementary School, he did more damage than displacing some bricks in the wall.

There was a significant release of asbestos, and the Natrona County School District issued this release Friday to answer some questions that have been asked on social media this week.


On March 2nd, 2018 a vehicle crashed into the outer wall of Crest Hill Elementary. Students of the affected classroom were promptly evacuated from the classroom.

Natrona County first responders, including local law enforcement and NCSD maintenance and district officials, began securing the classroom immediately after the incident.

The classroom was secured, sealed and all staff and students were restricted from entering. Once again, no students or staff members have been able to access the room since it was sealed and restricted on 3-2-18.

Per procedure, NCSD officials contacted an independent lab agency, Crisp Analytical Lab, to sample and review the level of asbestos/hazardous materials in the affected area as a result of the crash.

Reports received from the independent lab agency, Crisp Analytical Lab, indicate a percentage of asbestos slightly over the “trace amount” of the 1% level by OSHA requirements. Levels of less than 1.76% and 2.0 % were found in the block sealant.

As a result, the abatement process, also known as the cleanup process, will be done under the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) requirements.

NCSD officials contacted the Department of Health, the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, and a certified asbestos consultant immediately upon receiving test results. According to consultation with outside agencies and experts, the risk of potential exposure is minimal and unquantifiable.

On March 7th, 2018 the hallway area around the sealed and secured classroom was tested and no risk factors were found.

The affected area is completely restricted from entry by students/staff and there is no risk to students or staff as long as the affected area remains undisturbed.

The cleaning and abatement process will be completed over Spring Break.

The District is continuing to seek additional guidance from outside agencies such as the Casper - Natrona County Department of Health, as we continue to access next steps forward.  More information will be provided as soon available.

As recommended by the Casper-Natrona County Department of Health, if you have health questions, please contact your family physician. 

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