Meet Carly McKinney, a 23-year-old teacher from Aurora, Colo. who is better known as CarlyCrunkBear, on Twitter. Miss CarlyCrunkBear is in a bit of hot water over her Twitter account and we have the reason right here.

CarlyCrunkBear is currently being looked at by the Cherry Creek School district in Aurora, Colo. due to some lewd photos.

Most high school students, and possibly some student's fathers would really enjoy hanging with Miss CarlyCrunkBear after school hours, quite frankly we would too.

The sweet and innocent looking CarlyCrunkBear (picture above) has dark and crazy side if we were to judge by these photos.

If you think pictures speak a thousand words, a tweet must speak a million:


We wish the best for this partying teacher, everyone needs to let loose every now and then -- next time she'll learn not to blast it out on a social media site.