As we head into the lunch hour for most of us, if you're headed out to grab a bite to eat, you might want to read this first.

I for one have been trying to watch what I eat and its tough.  Like a lot of people in Casper I eat on the go and sometimes it can be tempting to grab that fatty high calorie meal.  Here are the top 5 fast food meals to avoid (unless you're trying to increase your calorie intake, of course!).


#5 Pizza Hut

Personal PANormous Meat Lover’s Pizza (1,470 Calories) Marketed to the lone — and hungry — diner, this new menu item is billed as “80% bigger” than its personal pan pizza predecessor. For a mere $5, diners can enjoy 1,470 calories worth of a slather of sauce, layer of cheese, and caloric heaps of ham, sausage, pepperoni, bacon, and hamburger meat.


#4 Domino’s


Chicken Carbonara Breadbowl Pasta (1,480 Calories) The fantasy of comfort eaters everywhere: Cheesy, creamy pasta stuffed inside a bowl of freshly baked bread. So it’s hardly surprising that these pasta bowls, meant for one (web site says bread bowl is meant to be two servings, but the tin is one serving and can be up to 2,070 calories), offer up little in the way of protein, fiber, or fresh produce — and plenty of saturated fat and refined carbs (stuffed inside more refined carbs).


#3 - Quizno’s


Tuna Melt (1,535 Calories) This beast of a sandwich sounds innocent enough: tuna salad, cheese, and fresh veggies. But combine globs of mayonnaise with cheese and fatty fish, and you’re reeling in three meal’s worth of calories at lunch alone. Not to mention that with 110 grams of fat, this sandwich busts out twice our maximum recommended intake for an entire day.


#2 - KFC


Variety Big Box Meal (1,680 Calories) If you can’t pick just one KFC favorite, the fast-food chain is now giving you the chance to eat them all at once. Their new “Big Box” meal includes drumsticks, chicken strips, popcorn chicken, two side dishes, and a biscuit. Picking the highest calorie options (potato wedges and baked beans) makes this meal a whopping 1,680 calories. You’ll need to buy the Double Down sandwich separately.


#1 - Subway’s


Double Meatball Marinara with Cheese (1,720 Calories) “Eat Fresh” doesn’t necessarily mean eat well. Heaping meatballs coated in cheese and tomato sauce quickly add up to a meal that’s sky-high in calories, fat, and sodium — Subway’s sandwich artists somehow figured out how to stuff this monster with 210 percent of our recommended daily salt intake.



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