While it’s still fairly rare, more and more brides these days are opting to keep their maiden names. Most businesses are hip to this and it causes few problems for married couples — but it seems Bank of America has a little catching up to do.

Blogger Pete Iorizzo, who writes for the Times Union in Albany, New York, recently recounted the bureaucratic nightmare his wife endured when trying to deposit checks given to them as wedding gifts. Most were written to “Mr. and Mrs. Peter Iorizzo,” but since Pete’s new wife hadn’t changed her last name, tellers at their local Bank of America branch refused to let her deposit them into the joint account she shares with her husband.

Pete wrote:

Had she opted to change her last name to Iorizzo, Bank of America would change the name on our joint account and take all of our checks. But because she kept her name, a name that did not appear on the checks, the bank would not accept checks made out to “Mr. and Mrs. Peter Iorizzo.”

In the words of one bank employee: “Mrs. Peter Iorizzo does not exist.”

Even conferring with the branch manager didn’t help — what’s more, she said that in her 20 years with the bank, she’d never seen a wife who didn’t adopt her husband’s last name, and even suggested the couple go back and ask everyone to write new checks.

In the end, Pete’s bride simply went to another branch, which happily deposited the checks without issue. The teller there even congratulated the couple on their new life of wedded bliss.

Bank of America should be glad it kept the couple as customers. Many would’ve gone to a different branch — of an entirely new bank.